[Private zoom call] SATURDAY. June 20th

How To Build A Wildly Popular Newsletter In 6 Months

A private call with Nathan Baschez (Divinations) & Dan Shipper (Superorganizers)

If you wanted to build an enthusiastic following around your ideas, how would you do it?

Nathan Baschez and Dan Shipper have a few ideas...

Nathan Baschez recently left his job as VP of Strategy at Substack to launch what is now one of its most popular paid newsletters, Divinations.

Dan Shipper similarly saw the potential of email-first subscription businesses and launched a successful subscription product of his own: Superorganizers.

Nathan and Dan recently joined forces to offer the now-Twitter-famous Everything bundle.

While many of us are debating what the future of media looks like, Nathan and Dan have been quietly executing to prove what’s possible.

On this private call for Compound Writing members and Everything subscribers, Nathan and Dan will share the lessons they’ve learned building a new media company around their ideas.


Nathan, Dan, and Stew Fortier will do a deep dive into:

  • Picking a niche: How’d Nathan and Dan choose what to write about?
  • Content strategy: Should you write content that's timeless or timely?
  • Growth strategy: How have Nathan and Dan gone about acquiring enthusiastic readers?
  • Writing & editing process: How do Nathan and Dan reliably produce high-quality, long-form writing?

Afterward, we’ll do a 20-minute Q&A with the group where Nathan and Dan can answer any questions that come up.

Bring some coffee and a notebook ;)

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June 20, 2020
12:00pm Pacific Time

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