[Private zoom call] Tuesday. July 14th

How To Stand Out As A Writer By Not Being Boring

A private call with Packy McCormick (Not Boring) & Compound Writing.

How do you find enthusiastic readers in a competitive space?

It’s simple: don’t be boring.

That’s the strategy that Packy McCormick has used for his appropriately-named Not Boring newsletter. And it appears to be working…

Packy went from 500 to over 5,000 subscribers in just a few weeks. He may not be the first person to write about business and strategy, but he’s one of the least boring ones.

On this private call for Compound Writing members and Not Boring subscribers, Packy will reveal the lessons he’s learned carving out a unique voice in a competitive space.


Packy and Stew Fortier will do a deep dive into:

  • Finding your voice: how did Packy choose his niche? How has he stood out from well-known writers who cover similar topics?
  • Writing & editing process: How does Packy reliably produce long-form content each week?
  • Growth & content strategy: How has Packy thought about growing his subscriber base? How did Packy use a Product Hunt launch to drive thousands of new subscribers? How has Packy used interviews with other writers as part of his strategy?

Afterward, we’ll do a 20-minute Q&A with the group where Packy can answer any questions that come up.

As always, bring some coffee and a notebook ;)

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July 14, 2020
12:00pm Pacific Time

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